INVEZT has formally acquired stock participation from EP/G, before EVENTPRO GROUP, a partner with the capacity to offer its clients marketing, business, and communication solutions through creativity, technology, and transformation.

A bit about EP/G

Founded in 1991, EP/G is obsessed with finding new ways to drive performance and eliminate pain points, helping to build loyal and individual relationships between their clients and the community.

They can imagine experiences, products, and services based on people’s needs, so that brands can connect in a relevant way, regardless of what they been requested.

They believe that simplification is a sincere form of innovation. This philosophy guides their approach in designing modern, accessible, and valuable interactions between their customers and their ecosystem. They unite the physical and the digital world in all their services, products, architecture, and commerce.

They help organizations shape and amplify their purpose, launch new products, and create audience engagement by developing imaginative narratives and activations that inspire, entertain, and transform lives.